The Peninsula Kelp Company

The Peninsula Kelp Company

The Peninsula Kelp Company sells a fabulous range of kelp products including seasoned salt, cracker dips, seaweed bath infusion bags and the edible seaweed such as dulse.


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La Freak Unique

La Freak Unique

Expect the unexpected from La Freak Unique! The Millisle-based business is an agent for Annabell Duke chalk and mineral paints, and David and Paula use their wonderful colour range along with the art of decoupage to create unique and individual designs on a wide range of everyday objects and items of furniture.

We specialise in upcycling household furniture – transforming traditional dressers, chests of drawers and chairs into the colourful and contemporary.

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Habanero Steve’s

We are an artisan hot sauce company from Bangor, Co Down. We grow our own special chilli varieties to flavour our hot sauce, chilli jam & chutney. If you like it hot and full of flavour, then Habanero Steve’s are for you!

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The Little Bearded Baker

The Little Bearded Baker

The Little Bearded Baker specialises in Vegan Sweet treats, making several different types of stuffed cookies, banana brownies and the super popular coconut peanut butter bites! I am always launching new traybakes.


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Strangford Pebble Craft

Karma Cust

Strangford Pebble Craft creates pictures designed with stones from the shores of Strangford Lough and the foot of the Mournes. Pictures to mark special occasions and make the perfect gift.


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GQ & Son Metal Art

Horses head

GQ & Son Metal Art makes various household and garden items including candle holders, plant pot holders, house numbers etc. All the horseshoes used are from Irish riders. From hobby riders to International event horses, showjumping horses and dressage horses. Commissions welcome.


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