1. Introduction and Background

The Market on the Square, Portaferry was launched on 7 July 2018, under the auspices of Portaferry Regeneration Limited (PRL). The main aim of the market is to help regenerate the village; give local food and craft producers an opportunity to sell their produce directly to the customer; and attract more visitors to the village.

2. Management

The market is managed by a small committee of volunteers who take care of meeting all the legal requirements and steer/promote the market. The committee is assisted by other volunteers who help with the practical arrangements on the day. It is a social enterprise and is operated on a not-for-profit basis. Any monies which are left over after paying the necessary expenses are used to promote the market.

3. Market Opening Times

The market is open on the first Saturday of every month from April to December and is closed from January to March. It is an indoor/outdoor market and is held in Portaferry Market House Square. The opening times to the public are from 10.00am to 1.30pm. Access to the market area for traders is from 8.30am and all traders should have their stalls set up by 9.45am. Once you have set up your stall, you must move your car, van and/or trailer to one of the two free car parks which are within 1 or 2 mins walk from The Square.


We expect stallholders to stay at the market for the duration.

4. Site Plan

Each stall has a space allowance of 3 metres in length. Members of the management committee will allocate a space for you and their decision is final. You may be allocated a space inside or outside the Market House. Traders must bring their own table/chair as these will not be supplied. Gazebos can be supplied on request. If you are supplying your own gazebo, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough weights to keep your stall grounded on windier days. It is helpful if you put up a banner or sign to promote your business.

5. Produce

It is the intention to provide as wide a variety of local artisan food and crafts as possible. Therefore, we aim to have only two/three stalls selling similar products e.g. breads, chocolates, pottery etc. Preference will be given to a trader who is offering a unique product that is not already at the market or sold by local traders.

On occasions, it is at the discretion of the committee that we permit a guest stall from a charity or local community group who want to promote their organisation.

6. Fees

The fee for a single stall is £25. Multiple stalls may be requested. The fee is collected after 11.00am by one of the committee members who will issue you with a receipt.

7. Legislation and Compliance

All food produce traders must comply with statutory regulations regarding food safety and food hygiene; a level 2 food hygiene certificate is required. All food products which are packaged must have proper labelling i.e. sell by dates, weights and allergies. Because the market is held on Council property a street trader’s licence is not required. Traders must have their own third party public liability insurance. Evidence of the above certification must be produced before joining the market.

Petrol generators are not permitted.

8. Facilities

Water is available from the Market House. Please ensure that you bring your own utensil for carrying water. Toilets are also available in the Market House. Refreshments are provided by local charities/groups on the upper floor of the Market House for a small donation.

9. Promotion

It is essential for the longevity and sustainability of the market that every trader helps to promote the market. You can do this by emailing information about the market to your networks, giving out leaflets when you are at other markets, and posting information on your website or your Facebook and/or Twitter pages. If you have any new products, good photographs or interesting newsworthy stories, please let us know and we can include it in our promotional material.

10. Special Events

Throughout the year we will organise special seasonal events e.g. Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. Occasionally we will have cookery demonstrations by local chefs or other demonstrations which are related to arts and crafts.

11. Rubbish

Please ensure that you take all your rubbish home with you and lift any rubbish which has been dropped around your stall area. Please remember that we are volunteers and have no wish to clear up after traders or customers.

12. Contact and Cancellation

Before each market, you will receive an update from the committee. If bad weather is forecast e.g. high winds, heavy rain or snow, you will be notified if the market is to be closed by phone or text. If you are unable to attend the market it is essential that you give at least five days notice so that we can let someone on the waiting list take your place. Failure to do so may result in a demand for payment of the site fee and/or loss of site.

The key contact for the market is Hannah Dynes who can be contacted on hannah@portaferryregeneration.com or 028 4272 9598. If you are interested in becoming a trader at the market, please complete our Traders Application Form.