Castlescreen Farm

Castlescreen Farm

Castlescreen Farm

At Castlescreen Farm we breed pedigree Dexter cattle for beef. Dexter cattle are a miniature native breed but don’t be fooled by their small stature, these wee cows produce the most fine textured, intensely flavoured beef. It is highly regarded by top chefs such as Paula McIntyre, James Martin & John Torode “The best roast beef in the world.”

Dexter beef is naturally marbled with fat, which gives it a distinct succulence and a fuller flavour. To achieve this highly regarded flavour, our Dexter cattle are fed a healthy diet of exclusively grass or silage. Additionally the beef is dry aged for 30-35 days giving an intense real beef flavour. We have every cut from prime cut steak, roast, burger, sausage or our much loved beef & veg roll. All rusk free and gluten free also available.

Castlescreen Pedigree Dexter Beef is:

  • Fine textured, tender grass-fed beef with a distinct flavour
  • Dark, rich red-brown colour
  • Rich in natural vitamins and Omega 3. Higher Omega 3 content than mackerel
  • Low in saturated fats
  • Recognised by high profile chefs for its quality, texture and taste
  • Distinctive traditional flavour, unique to grass-fed pedigree Dexter cattle
  • From contented cattle kept by caring farmers using traditional methods
  • Raised on a pesticide and artificial fertiliser free farm

Seasonally we also produce lamb, bacon and pork.


Castlescreen Farm burgers Castlescreen Farm beef veg roll
Castlescreen Farm beef Heart shape Raw fresh meat Steak Striploin

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